Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how the applications, mobile phone apps, Alexa skills, software as a service (SaaS) platforms, and websites developed and operated by MCV Software (hereinafter, the services) interact with your data. Before using any service offered by MCV Software, please make sure to read this privacy policy, as well as our terms of service, to understand how we treat your information.


The following are individual sections that allow you to understand how we store and process the personal data that identifies each user in our projects.


TWBlue is an application that allows you to interact with your Mastodon account. To achieve this purpose, we require you to authorize the use of the application on your previously created Mastodon account. This is done through a secret key called an access token. Access tokens allow us to authenticate your account on Mastodon and perform actions on your behalf and do not include your password. If you ever wish to revoke TWBlue’s access to your account, you can always delete the configuration directory containing the access token from your hard drive, and the application will no longer be able to interact with your accounts created on any Mastodon instance.
In addition to access tokens, TWBlue collects basic information about some elements that could identify your account on the instance, such as your username, user identification number, and the timezone your account uses. This data is necessary to show you accurate and updated information within the application.
In the Windows version of TWBlue, all data collected by the application is stored in the program’s configuration directory located on the computer’s hard drive where it runs. Access tokens are used only to authenticate the user’s account on the Mastodon instance where it was created. Additionally, the text to be translated can be sent to Google servers for translation, as well as the URLs of post images to the OCR.Space service to obtain optical character recognition of the images. Neither the text to be translated nor the URLs of the images can identify your user account. None of the data that TWBlue stores in the configuration file or local database is used outside the computer where the configuration is located.

Undead Assault

Undead Assault is an audio game whose main feature allows players to interact in a complex multiplayer environment. To achieve this purpose, we require registration on the official Undead Assault website. This registration can only be done through the game. The data requested during registration is a username, an email, a password, the IP address from which the registration is made, the language the player uses to communicate, and a UUID code, which is a code that identifies the hardware from which the registration is made. MCV Software stores the provided information on its servers. Passwords are encrypted before transmission over the network, so the user is never at risk of compromising access to the game. The username, password, and server to which the player last connected are stored in a configuration file created in the game’s configuration directory, located on the hard drive where the installation or decompression of the portable file was performed.
When sending private messages to offline players, it is possible that the messages are stored in our databases until the recipient player connects to the game, at which point the message will be delivered and immediately deleted from our servers.

Alexa Skills for Internet Radio Stations

For some of our clients, we develop Alexa skills that allow listeners to interact with internet radio stations as part of the services offered by MCVHost. These skills allow listening to an internet radio broadcast, as well as optionally knowing the schedule and a brief description of the content that the station offers to its audience. Our skills do not collect any information that can be used to identify any user. No data from users of Alexa skills is collected or shared at any time, and no information from our skills is stored on servers or infrastructure related to either MCVSoftware or MCVHost.
When conversing with Alexa, voice recordings may be sent to servers of Amazon Digital Services LLC. You can read Amazon’s privacy policy and terms of service for learning about the treatment of your information.

Mobile Applications for Radio Stations

For some of our clients, we develop apps for the Android operating system that allow listeners to interact with internet radio stations from their mobile devices natively, as part of the services offered by MCVHost under the following privacy policy:

  1. Information Collected:
    • Usage Data: We may collect information about how users interact with the application, such as the frequency and duration of use.
  2. Use of Information:
    • We use the collected information to improve the functionality of the application and personalize the user experience.
  3. Sharing Information:
    • We do not share any type of information with third parties, except when necessary to provide services requested by the user.
    • Aggregated and non-identifiable information may be shared with partners for analysis and improvement of the application.
  4. Security:
    • We implement security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure.
  5. External Links:
    • Our applications may contain links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites.

Acceptance and Changes

The privacy policy and data processing, or the availability of new stored information, may be updated at any time if deemed necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the services offered by MCV Software, its affiliates, and providers; and the user experience. It is necessary to review the privacy policy periodically to make sure you read the latest updates. The use of any service offered by MCV Software implies acceptance and compliance with these policies.