TWBlue Version 2022.8.28 has been released

Today, after several delays due to different situations, we are pleased to announce a new version of TWBlue. This version is one of the last ones that will be compatible with Windows 7. We hope to release a couple of versions that will continue to be compatible with this operating system, but by the end of September, any version of TWBlue released will no longer be compatible with Windows 7 and earlier. Remember that TWBlue will always be available via the project’s download page, and its source code can be reviewed on both GitLab and GitHub. If you find the software useful and think it’s worthwhile, consider making a small donation with what you can, and help keep the project going. For more information, you can read the TWBlue page.


Highlights in this version include the ability to populate the user autocomplete database from the account options dialog, including all users in the follower/following buffer; improvements to displaying quoted retweets, as well as the ability to open threads from retweets and an improvement in the way TWBlue sorts tweets from threads in general. Below you can find a list of the latest changes since the previous version.

  • the user autocompletion feature has been completely rewritten to be easier to use, particularly for people with many followers/following users:
    • In the account settings dialog, there’s a button that opens up a new dialog that allows you to “scan” your account in order to add all users from your followers/following list. This process will read your data directly from Twitter and depending in the amount of people you have in your account it might take too many API calls. Please use it with caution. You can, for example, do the process separately for your followers/following people so it will be easier to handle, in case you have a massive amount of people. If TWBlue is unable to complete the scan, you will see an error and will be prompted to try again in 15 minutes, once your API calls have refreshed.
    • It is possible to use the user autocompletion functionality in dialogs where you can select an user, for example when adding or removing someone from a list, or displaying lists for someone.
  • Implemented a new setting, available in the account settings dialog, that allows to hide emojis in twitter usernames.
  • TWBlue should be able to sort conversations in a more logical way. This should make it easier to follow a long thread in Twitter.
  • When opening a thread, TWBlue should be able to load the right conversation if the original tweet from where the thread was loaded was a retweet.
  • TWBlue will restart the Streaming subsystem every time there are changes to followed, muted or blocked users within the application.
  • Fixed error when attempting to mention an user by using the “mention” button in any people buffer. Now tweets should be posted normally.
  • Fixed error when loading other user lists. (#465)
  • Fixed an issue that was making TWBlue to display incorrectly some retweets of quoted tweets.
  • If TWBlue is unable to open a timeline for someone who has blocked you, this will be reported in a dialog. (#485,)
  • Added “find a string in the currently focused buffer” action into Windows 10 and windows 11 keymap. (#476)

For Downloading this version, you can go to the project download page, or perform the update automatically in case you are already using an earlier version of the application. If you want to report a bug, you can do so by mentioning the official TWBlue Twitter account. You can also report bugs through our issue reporting site on GitHub.

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