An audio game is a kind of game in which no sight is required to enjoy the content. Typically popular among the community of visually impaired users and developers, audio games try to bring similar experiences as video games using only audio and compatibility with some screen readers and other assistive technology. At MCV Software, a large part of our team is visually impaired, and that is why we have decided to venture into the creation and development of audio game projects, always under the perspective of making immersive and complete experiences for our users who belong to the visually impaired community.

Undead Assault

Undead Assault is an audio game that consists of hunting endless hordes of zombies, either alone or in teams of up to 4 players. The game allows the use of a variety of weapons and features mechanics that help make the experience more challenging and allow players to fully enjoy it.

Visit Undead Assault’s website to learn more and download the audiogame.