TWBlue 2022.2.23 has been released

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of this year’s first version of TWBlue. TWBlue is a piece of software, available for Windows operating systems, that allows interaction with Twitter’s most important features from a convenient interface for screen reader users. The application is available via the project’s download page, and source code can be reviewed on both GitLab and GitHub. If you find the software useful and think it’s worthwhile, consider making a small donation with what you can, and help keep the project going. For more information, you can read the TWBlue page

News in this version

  • We have added Experimental support for templates in the invisible interface. The GUI will remain unchanged for now:
    • Each object (tweet, received direct message, sent direct message and people) has its own template in the settings. You can edit those templates from the account settings dialog, in the new "templates" tab.
    • Every template is composed of the group of variables you want to display for each object. Each variable will start with a dollar sign ($) and cannot contain spaces or special characters. Templates can include arbitrary text that will not be processed. When editing the example templates, you can get an idea of the variables that are available for each object by using the template editing dialog. When you press enter on a variable from the list of available variables, it will be added to the template automatically. When you try to save a template, TWBlue will warn you if the template is incorrectly formatted or if it includes variables that do not exist in the information provided by objects. It is also possible to return to default values from the same dialog when editing a template.
    • TWBlue can display image descriptions within Tweet templates. For that, you can use the $image_description variable in your template.
  • We have restored conversation and threads support powered by Twitter API V2 thanks to a set of improvements we have done in the application, as well as more generous limits to Tweet monthly cap by Twitter.
  • In the Windows 11 Keymap, the default shortcut to open the keystrokes editor is now CTRL+Alt+Windows+K to avoid conflicts with the new global mute microphone shortcut.
  • TWBlue show display properly HTML entities in tweet’s text.
  • TWBlue should no longer load old tweets in buffers.
  • Fixed issue when uploading attachments (images, videos or gif files) while sending tweets or replies.
  • Fixed an error that was making TWBlue to ask for a restart after saving account settings, even if such restart was not required. (#413,)

For Downloading this version, you can go to the project download page, or perform the update automatically in case you are already using an earlier version of the application. If you want to report a bug, you can do so by mentioning the official TWBlue Twitter account. You can also report bugs through our issue reporting site on GitHub.

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Hi Mark. Does it still happen with the latest available version which we have released recently? Current version is 2022.8.28, and should be able to be used under Windows 11 without issues.

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