At MCV Software we are committed to accessibility at high-end technology for all kinds of people, no matter the profile of our users. That is why we develop software with the universal design guidelines, under the goal of making products which could be functional, useful and allow the democratization of access to information and communication technologies to the greatest number of people. At this moment we have the following projects available.


TWBlue is a free, open source software for Windows systems that aims to allow access to all Twitter functions, making the vast majority of tasks easier for users, especially for those who use screen readers and other assistive technologies. The goal of the project is to offer an alternative that fully integrates with the operating system and allows to check the Social Network without the need to open a browser or keep a web session open.

Visit TWBlue project site


Socializer is a desktop client for Windows systems that allows you to use the Russian social network VK, which has both English and Spanish translations. The project, which is distributed completely free of charge and whose source code is also widely available, has been written with the aim of improving access to the social platform for blind and low-vision users, or those with limited or restricted access, although it is also possible to use the application for people without disabilities.

Visit Socializer website