TWBlue 2023.2.6 Available

Just 4 days after our last release, we have decided to release TWBlue version 2023.2.6, as we have received reports about some major client issues, which were caused on some Mastodon instances. We hope that after this new version, TWBlue will behave better with those instances and in general will provide fixes on these and some other bugs reported during the weekend. Remember that TWBlue will always be available through the project’s download page, and its source code can be reviewed on GitHub.


This release focuses on fixing some important bugs that have been reported in the previous version. Particularly, TWBlue should be able to authorize on some instances that have blocked the library, and should be able to avoid repeatedly calling some endpoints that cause excessive connections for some instances. Additionally, it is possible to disable Streaming from the account options in Mastodon. This can be especially useful if TWBlue keeps making a lot of API calls for some instances.

  • Fixed the update system.
  • Fixed a bug when attempting to switch between different accounts using the invisible interface, if the focused account is not an active session.
  • Mastodon:
    • Improved the way TWBlue counts characters in Mastodon. Now it counts only the username part in a remote user (@domain is not counted against character limit), adds content warning text to character count, also emojis and CJK characters are counted as 1 as opposed to 2. (#511)
    • Added notification when a user joins an instance. This notification is only available for administrators.
    • Added option to disable Streaming in the account options. This can be useful if TWBlue, for some reason, repeatedly calls the instance API.
    • Improved the code that works with the Streaming API to reduce the number of reconnection attempts TWBlue performs.
    • Fixed media uploads for audio, video and gifvs. (#513)

To download this version, it is now again possible to use the automatic update system. You can also go to the Project download page, If you want to report a bug, you can do so by mentioning the TWBlue account on Mastodon. You can also report bugs through our issue reporting system on GitHub.

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