TWBlue Version 2022.12.13 Released

Today we are releasing TWBlue version 2022.12.13, with news regarding our support for windows 7 users. After receiving many requests from users of the application who were left without support after our last versions, we have decided to restore support for Windows 7 in a special version of TWBlue, which will always be built in portable format, for 32-bit systems only. However, this version will not be upgraded automatically. Windows 7 users will be alerted when new versions are available, but will be instructed to get the version manually from the TWBlue website. These versions will continue to exist as long as it is possible to build TWBlue with Python 3.7 for Windows 7. Remember that TWBlue will always be available via the project’s download page, and its source code can be reviewed on GitHub. If you find the software useful and think it’s worthwhile, consider making a small donation with what you can, and help keep the project going. For more information, you can read the TWBlue page.


  • Per popular request, We will generate a 32-bit portable version of TWBlue available for Windows 7 operating systems. This version will not be supported in our automatic updater, so in case of using such version, you would need to download it manually every time there is a new update. TWBlue will continue to be available for Windows 7 as long as it is possible to build it using Python 3.7.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that were making TWBlue unable to be opened in some computers, related to our translator module and some COM objects handled incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that was making TWBlue unable to open in certain computers due to errors related to Win32 API’S.
  • Twitter:
    • Fixed a bug that was making sent direct messages to be placed in received direct messages buffer.
    • When quoting a tweet, you can use all 280 characters to send your quoted tweet, as opposed to the 256 characters TWBlue allowed before.
    • Fixed a bug that was making TWBlue unable to reply to direct messages by using the “reply” keystroke.
  • Mastodon:
    • Added account settings dialog.
    • Added template editing functionality for mastodon accounts.
    • When a post is edited, TWBlue will update the post object in the buffer to reflect the latest edit.
    • Fixed a small issue that was preventing TWBlue to display some posts in their corresponding dialog.

For Downloading this version, you can go to the project download page, or perform the update automatically in case you are already using an earlier version of the application. If you want to report a bug, you can do so by mentioning the official TWBlue Twitter account. You can also report bugs through our issue reporting site on GitHub.

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